1930s vintage flannel trousers

Nik Koos

Vintage flannels

We're ready to take orders for the 1930s vintage style flannels in grey and cream 16oz woolen flannel! The fabric is woven specifically for SJC and the samples have exceeded our wildest expectations - it's fluffy, hefty, breathes well, it's everything a flannel cloth should be. These trousers are perfect for actually living in them comfortably - for work and play. Our factory has nailed the generous 1930s full cut of the seat, thighs and leg.

Don't dawdle with your orders, there's not many left. Once the fabric bolts are used up, we will still take orders and these will then be delivered in a second run, in August.

Did you know? Cream woolen flannel is rather difficult to produce as the factory has to shut down production of all the other fabrics in the same room and clean the room in order to prevent fibers of other colours from getting caught in the fluffy cream fabric.

cream flannel trousers

grey flannel trousers