Vintage flannel shirt

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These shirts are based on two original 1920s American workwear shirts. The fabric and its pattern is true to the originals, a highly complex pattern on what's basically a broken herringbone weave with alternating ropestripes (in the case of the grey and the blue shirt) and a multi-stripe (for the cream shirt).

The complexity of the pattern is distinctive of these early shirtings. Although simpler patterns were made back then, too, highly complex ones such as these gradually disappeared and were mostly gone by the post-WWII period.

The 1920s original (left) and the SJC cream multi-stripe.

The 1920s original (left) and the SJC blue flannel.

The 1920s original (left) and the SJC blue flannel.

The shirts come in two variants, a work and a dress shirt. The work shirt features...

  • throat latch
  • asymmetrical pockets
  • catseye buttons
  • triple stitching
  • felled seams
  • double rolled hems
  • reinforced side gussets
  • chain-stitch run offs
  • arrow tacks to the pockets
  • gathered yoke
  • lined placket and cuffs

SJC blue work shirt with throat latch.

SJC grey work shirt, closeup showing the triple stiching.

Gathered yoke on the grey work shirt.

The dress shirt differs from the work shirt in having a 3-button pullover placket with smaller buttons, no pockets and double instead of triple stitching.

Closeup of the SJC cream dress shirt

The 8.8oz 100% cotton flannel was specially commissioned to faithfully reproduce the feel, weight and pattern of the originals. The result is a truly outstanding cloth, with the soft brushed finish on the reverse side.

Grey work shirt, worn with SJC green corduroy cap.

Blue work shirt, worn with SJC Big B Dungarees.

Blue dress shirt.

Cream work shirt.

Grey dress shirt.