Buying From SJC.

When SJC releases a new piece it functions on a pre-ordering system.You purchase the piece at a significant discount and wait for it to be made. The wait is the pay-off. The product is usually delivered within the projected shipping time @ the point of purchase. But sometimes we don't hit the deadlines, things run over.  But don't worry its normal.  As we work with new tailors or workshops and they figure out these hard to get pieces. Just bear with us.  We usually hit time lines, and we always ship. However, (and this has not happened to date) if for any reason the piece doesn't happen you are refunded without quibble on the spot.

About SJC

SJC is an apparel (and soon to be lifestyle) brand comprised of experienced collectors, buyers, designers and artists who share, develop and support the process. Our goal is not to copy vintage directly but to merge the best aspects of several specific pieces into one in order to create the best example of that piece one could wish for.

SJC sources from wherever the raw product is made and tries to make nearest to the source. Where possible we avoid stinking up the planet. Bring on the Electric powered Jets. SJC believes in producing in ALL countries of the world. We believe in supporting developing nations too who value the investment, support, training and opportunities.

So, you like what you got? How can you help?

It is with your enthusiasm and support by sharing the pieces you've recieve you help us grow. Growth affords us the chance to develop further diverse and interesting pieces for you. Follow us on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK and share the pieces you recieve with #sjc #simonjamescathcart

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